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About Me

I’m a UX and product designer based in Chicago by way of Michigan. I make clean and compelling designs backed by research and testing, and I love teaching myself new skills and techniques to solve problems. I’ve been a game designer, a teacher, a mathematician, a programmer, an artist, and a musician; my eclectic background allows me to see things from a unique perspective. 

In addition to design, I enjoy games of all kinds and I’m rarely seen without one in hand. I can't remember the last time I played a game and couldn't think of a new way to modify it. In my spare time when I’m not gaming, I love to find ways to combine my creative hobbies with my favorite video game series to produce something both new and nostalgic. I’m also an aficionado of bad-movies, and I believe having many experiences with the worst examples of things helps to strengthen my intuition and drive for constant improvement.


If you’re interested in working with me or talking design over some drinks, connect with me on LinkedIn or contact me via email.

Elizabeth Carter Design
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