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Helping match apartment-seekers with roommates

This week I created an app that helps match people with apartments and roommates. This took some inspiration from Tinder, and allows people searching for apartments to potentially match with people seeking roommates. As always, I started with some rough paper sketches.

I created these wireframes using Figma. There are two modes of use in this app. The first is for people seeking an apartment. Users browse through apartment listings and either like or dismiss them. There is no information at this stage about the person who is seeking a roommate, only the apartment details are shown.

People seeking roommates have a similar interface, but they are browsing people instead of apartments. Prospective renters must create a personal profile for roommate-seekers to browse, using the same like or dismiss system. Once there is a match the two parties can initiate communication and start to schedule viewings or meetings.

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