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Helping shoppers find their perfect pair of jeans

It's the second week of my self-imposed design challenge plan, and this week I worked on a platform that will help users find jeans that will perfectly fit them. There are an almost infinite amount of brands and styles of jeans, and I know I'm not the only woman who's ever had issues finding any that actually fit me the way I want them to.

As always, I started with some paper sketches:

Next, I started translating these paper sketches into digital wireframes using Sketch:

Users input their specific measurements in their profile page. The app compares these measurements to its database of products and will generate recommendations based on these measurements. Now users can browse items that they know come in sizes that will fit their measurements perfectly, and dedicate their attention to picking the best options instead of finding the options in the first place.

The app doesn't have its own marketplace or shopping cart, but it will provide links to online retailers that carry these items. Users can add items they've found while browsing to their My Items list. They can also manually add items they already own, so that in the future they can use it as a reference or easily find similar items.

After entering their measurements, the app generates recommendations that users can browse through. You can browse by style if you're looking for a particular type of jeans, or you can browse by brand if you prefer.

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