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Redesigning the Google Home app

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

This week instead of working on a completely new product, I decided to take a stab at reorganizing and redesigning the Google Home app. I chose this app because personally I have experienced much frustration while navigating this app. I've always found it difficult to locate specific actions and thought that the app placed too much emphasis on relatively underutilized functions.

To start this project, I created an app map for the existing Google Home design. The current design has two bottom-nav pages and an account page along the top of the app. Many pages are buried inside other pages, and there are 6 instances of pages located in two locations, making this app a confusing mess to navigate.

After creating the app map, I copied over all the pages and started reorganizing them. I increased the number of bottom-nav pages from two to four and kept the account page along the top of the screen. Based on my personal experience with the app and my most frequently used functions, I sorted the pages and made sure that commonly-used functions were much easier to find.

After I finished the updated app map I created some example screens.

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